Stephan Kofler as Reger
The life of the composer Max Reger (1873-1916) narrated in a documentary film full of atmosphere (43')
Director: Andreas Pichler
Screenplay: Ewald Kontschieder &
Andreas Pichler
Consultant: Dr. Susanne Popp, Karlsruhe/D
Available in DVD (15 €) in English (PAL & NTSC), German or Italian versions.

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Production: Artivity Film & Media
Valerio Moser (miramonte film) & Ewald Kontschieder
Story: Max Reger is one of the greatest composers of the early 20th century: a fine head that at his time was as well known as Richard Strauss. But as he deliberately went his own way, he has remained an outsider in the music scene up to the present day. He was a cynic, a con-man, a university graduate, an extremely sensitive romantic, an avant gardist… all these so contradictory characteristics fit Reger, but still do not describe him completely.
In 1914, Reger visited the spa city Meran, in the South Tyrol. This was not by choice, but because Reger had problems: he worked like a madman, drank and ate excessively and this was not all. He suffered from mental illness and in 1914 he had a breakdown for third time in his life. He was unable to work and had to get medical support.
Music as perpetual state tells the life of Max Reger from his position as a visitor to the health resort. It focuses on the “modern” Reger, who was very much loved by Schönberg and who, with his romantic soul, dares to make a breakthrough into music modernism, but cannot or does not want to go the whole way.
The film is a visual, a kind of picture-puzzle of the present and the time around 1914, when Meran was one of the most modern health resorts in Europe. In addition the most important periods of Reger’s life are dealt with: the Munich Period, the Leipzig Period and the Mannheim Period.

This documentary film is the only factually based film documentation about Max Reger. It was produced in cooperation with the Max-Reger-Institute of Karlsruhe/Germany 2002.

Performer & Organist: Stephan Kofler
Statements ... Herta Müller, Reger Archives (GER): The film about Reger is an interesting experiment because it is neither a film nor a documentary, because the protagonist is not an actor, but a silent musician, because an historical and a contemporary Meran are connected with the character, because historical sources and Regerian music are skilfully interwoven, because the film informs in a pleasant way and at the same time provokes questions.

Markus Becker, pianist (GER): The unconcerned mix of ages makes the film very pleasant and radiates a sort of humour that lets the character Reger become human. The performers, mostly not professional actors, give freshness to the film and help us dust off or black and white image of the Regerian time. Great that somebody tries to deal with this inaccessible romantic, it’s worth the effort.

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